Why A Lady Away

206921_8320235397_1716_nI first started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family when I volunteered in Kenya six years ago. Every couple of weeks I’d get comfortable in the Cyber Cafe as I uploaded a handful of photos on the painfully slow dialup and would accompany them with a couple of little travel stories about my project, what I had seen and the many amazing experiences I was fortunate enough to have. Since then my blog has gone through many different phases, depending on what I was up to and working on at any given period. Though it was a travel blog at heart and I have now decided to take it to the next level: A Lady Away. It’s what I am and what I think it’s the part of me that other women can relate to. Travel is not just for men, it is not just for the wealthy and it is not just for those with a definitive plan. I’m a self-employed lady on a tight budget but I won’t let that stop me from periodically getting away from it all. From a weekend in the country to a round the world trip, sometimes a lady just needs to get away!


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