60 Hours in Costa Brava

It’s hard to believe that the first leg of my DTour is coming to an end, I’ve had such an incredible time exploring this corner of the Catalonian region of Spain and cannot believe what I’ve been able to pack into the 60 or so hours (two and a half days) I’ve been here! Norma from DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa Emporda has been such an amazing host to me and has helped me to organize a DTour in Emporda that is truly representative of the area.


In the past 60 hours I’ve: enjoyed fabulous meals, sipped delicious wines, flown in ultra light planes, gone scuba diving, strolled through midlevel towns, biked to the beach for picnic and siesta, and have had the pleasure to meet truly beautiful Catalonian residents. People here are passionate – passionate about their region, their heritage, their way of life, their profession and, most of all, passionate about being a good host and sharing all that this region has to offer with guests. As Norma continues to remind me, 2 and a half days is not enough to see the region and she’s right. I’ve been going non-stop since arriving and when she showed me the areas on the map that I visited it wasn’t even half of Girona!



The best trips always seem too short and you leave wanting to say, wanting more. My time in Costa Brava is no exception. Thank you to DoubleTree, all of the places I visited but especially to Norma, my new Catalonian friend, for sharing her home with me in such a memorable way!




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