The Bog People

“If you get a bit queasy, just think of them as Louis Vuitton bags with arms and legs.”

I looked at my new Dubliner friend Paul and burst out laughing. “What?”

“Handbags, my dear! Just think of them as handbags. With arms, legs and hair.”


Turns out Paul wasn’t too far off in explaining the state of the Bog Bodies that are on display at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. These Iron Aged bodies are amazingly preserved and visitors can easily see teeth, nails and even locks and locks of curly red hair – an observation that a hairless Paul found a wee bit insulting. But his comparison to overpriced leather handbags, while a bit crass, is not too far off.

photo 1The National Museum of Ireland is free to visitors. Allow close to an hour to see, read and appreciate the entire Bog Bodies exhibit. Archeologists have been able to determine what kind of lives these people once lived and, perhaps what’s more fascinating, how they died.

photo 2Never a dull moment at the museum! Even midday nappers offer a bit of excitement!



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