Meet Jen, DTourist to the Middle East and Africa!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jen when I was in London on my DTour. We enjoyed a lovely sushi dinner, ventured to the Charles Dickens Museum and strolled through central London to taste our way around Borough Market. Jen and I were fast friends and I’m sure our paths will cross again. She left on her DTour a couple of days ago and I’m so excited to follow her journey through the Middle East and Africa! Jen was kind enough to answer a couple of questions from Dubai, the first leg of her DTour.

P10401181. Please introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your blog and your travels.
I’m Jen a traveller from the UK who runs a deli/cafe in between adventures. I started my blog, She Gets Around, over two years ago when I went travelling across Asia for 9 months. I love new adventures and experiences that get my adrenaline going. The more I travel the more I want to travel and I am so excited my trip across Africa and the Middle East with DoubleTree by Hilton hotels.
2. Where are you heading next? What are you looking forward to?
Dubai, The Seychelles, Zanzibar and Cape Town, wowee! I am looking forward to beaches, diving, water sports, new foods, new faces. Everything.
CIMG44513. What book, movie or piece of art has inspired you to travel?
I love ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ every time I watch the movie it has made me want to move to Italy and buy a little Tuscan villa to do up or in fact a little home in any new country.
4. Who is your favorite travel writer or what is your favorite travel publication?
All my fellow travel blogger friends inspire me to travel every day. Their blogs are a constant source of travel fun, making me constantly add more new adventures to my bucket list. 
S00606885. What is one thing that can always be found in your carryon bag?
My travel pillow. With my travel pillow I can sleep anywhere, bumpy bus rides, long flights, dirty trains all I need is my little pillow and I am one happy traveller.
6. You’ve been given a one month paid adventure to anywhere in the world. Where do you go and what do you do?
Ooo well I am pretty blooming excited about my Double Tree adventure, but if it was absolutely anywhere then I would pick Antarctica. It is my absolute dream to go there, even live there for a while to truly experience it. My dad lived there for two years when he was in his 20s so I grew up surrounding by photos and stories of penguins and his life there. It is so unlike anywhere else in the world and one of those experiences that is truly reserved for the minority. What an adventure.
397832_437571586334052_1934934203_n7. What piece of advice can you offer to newbie travelers?
JFBI – Just Flipping* Book It! People always ask me how I afford to travel, well I priority travel in my spending. If I want to go on a big trip then the first step is to save enough money for the flight and book it. Once the flight is booked there is no turning back and you always find a way to pay for the rest of it. Stop thinking, dreaming, just do it!
Follow Along on Jen’s Adventure!

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