A Point of Clarification


On November 21 an article about my DTour experience was published in The Winnetka Current, my local hometown paper. I was interviewed for the article and provided photographs about two weeks before it ran. For the most part, this was an informative piece about my experience with DoubleTree, my trip through Europe and highlights from the adventure. I have had several people contact me in regards to the write up and wanted to clarify a glaring misquote.

The second to last paragraph reads:

At 30-years-old, Winter is glad she didn’t wait until she was married to travel because then she wouldn’t have gone anywhere, she said.

I don’t know what I could have possibly said during my interview to have led the author of this piece to that ridiculous conclusion. It is so, extremely far off base from what I feel and believe about marriage and travel. I have worked far too hard as a single woman in the past seven years – traveling the world, building my photography business and establishing my independence to let this go without a reaction. So, in lieu of a fiery letter to the editor, I want to clarify my views to my readers.

First, as the article so bluntly points out, I am 30 and single, a fact that I’m not only “okay” with but have embraced. I don’t view this time of my life as “the time before I get married” nor do I believe that if I get married my wanderlust will subside. Travel isn’t something that I do, it is something that I am. It is a part of me I am unwilling to sacrifice and any man down the road who wants to marry me best know and understand that. Travel and adventure is not a part of my life that will abruptly end because I say “I do.” Since I have created this website for women travelers, I find it especially important to clarify my stance on this topic.

In this life, I have met travelers of all kinds – single people from all demographics, young couples, dating couples, married couples, retired couples, entire families, siblings – you name it.  Travel is not prejudice toward married or single people, it is beautifully inclusive of all types, all cultures and all backgrounds. To imply that once a woman is married she won’t go anywhere is, frankly, insulting. Please, give women more credit than that.

Being misquoted and misrepresented is no new thing in the press, though it is a new experience for me and one I hope not to repeat. As a writer I have a responsibility to accurately communicate the views of my source and this experience has reminded me of this importance.

5 thoughts on “A Point of Clarification

  1. Dearest Jenn, precious friend…thank you for so courageously highlighting such a glaring insult to women in general…..stayed tuned in to your own, and many others, truth. love always Annie


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