A List for 31

Happy birthday to me!

I always think of the New Year as really starting a few weeks after January 1 – on January 20th.  Given my birthday’s proximity to the start of the calendar year it’s made more sense to set goals for my own personal new year. Not resolutions, necessarily, but a mini yearlong Bucket List to get me excited about the year ahead!

Celebrating my 3rd birthday at the Kohl Children's Museum - what a clown!
Celebrating my 3rd birthday at the Kohl Children’s Museum. What a clown – and what a daring outfit!

So, without further ado, a list of 31 for 31!

  1. Take a road trip with Essie.
  2. Get my PADI Advanced Diver certification.
  3. Go on a Lake Michigan wreck dive.
  4. Try new Chicago restaurants.
  5. Bike from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs.
  6. Participate in Run Charlevoix in June.
  7. Visit my Grandmother in Tucson.
  8. Visit my brother in Baltimore.
  9. Attend TBEX.
  10. Visit Tami in NYC.

    Celebrating 27 with friends in Chicago.
    Celebrating 27 with friends in Chicago.
  11. Spend more quality time with my girlfriends.
  12. Visit Emily and Lindsay in Indianapolis.
  13. FINALLY attend a Bears game at Soldier Field.
  14. Attend a glass blowing class.
  15. Continue to relearn Spanish and put myself in situations where I need to use it.
  16. Stay overnight and review a dog-friendly hotel with Essie.
  17. Read more novels.
  18. Hike, bike or run around Mackinac Island.
  19. Start swimming again.
  20. Give my apartment a makeover.

    Celebrating 7 with my cousin and sister.
    Celebrating 7 with my cousin and sister.
  21. Start doing yoga. Regularly.
  22. Pitch travel-related stories to both local and national markets.
  23. Create a way to better display and market my travel images.
  24. Make more travel videos.
  25. Simplify my life and my living/working space. In other words, get rid of stuff I don’t use.
  26. Feature at least one guest writer per month on A Lady Away.
  27. Go camping at Picture Rocks National Park in Michigan with Essie.
  28. Get to know Chinatown in Chicago better.
  29. Strum my guitar once in a while.
  30. Have monthly sister dinners.
  31. Drive the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.

I’m excited for this new year and what lies ahead!

3 thoughts on “A List for 31

  1. Happy 31, you young chick!!
    Hope you have a beautiful week of celebrating being alive, healthy and happy with beloved family and friends!! and of course the wonderful Essie!!
    love and blessings all the way from South Australia!!
    Annie xxxx


  2. oh, and about that amazing list!! all I can say is it’s going to be one very busy year as I know you will plough through it!! Good luck!!


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