Product Review: GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T

GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T in wisteria blossom.

Like most women, I always try and keep an eye out for affordable, quality and comfortable clothing. In addition to asking myself if it fits, I’ll ask myself if it will fit in my suitcase. When I try on an article of clothing at a store I try to picture myself bringing it along on a trip or adventure – oftentimes, if it doesn’t pass that test I won’t get it.

The GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T checked out so well that I’ve already ordered 2 more. I have it in gray which, unfortunately, isn’t listed on the website but should be available in stores, and just ordered it in wisteria blossom and white.

What do I love about this shirt?

  • The material. The poly/lyocell/spandex blend creates a jersey or modal-like soft knit that feels amazing. It’s designed as a part of the Gap Fit line, so it is moisture wicking and breathable (thus, the name) but it doesn’t feel like an athletic shirt.
  • GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T in neon coral volt.
    GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T in neon coral volt.

    The fit. It’s long, which I love. At 5’8″ I’m on the tall side and shirts, especially athletic shirts, tend to fit a bit short on me. The GapFit Breathe shirt is long enough that it doesn’t show what it shouldn’t when I lift my hands over my head but not so long that it looks like a tunic. The sleeves are also long and have thumbholes – another favorite feature! The neckline is listed as a crew neck but it’s more of a scoop/crew neck which I find very flattering while still being modest.

  • The travel-ability. This shirt will pack well, there’s no question. It really doesn’t wrinkle, which I find amazing given the modal-like feel. It’s very light and packs tiny, taking up hardly any room in your bag. It layers well and dries quickly making it a fantastic go-to item when traveling.
  • The price. At $29.95, this shirt is certainly affordable. And, if you order it (or anything else from The Gap website) by the end of tomorrow (Monday March, 17)  you will save 30% by entering the code SAVE at checkout.

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