Fujifilm X20 – My new travel camera

IMG_1732Dear Nikon D800,

First, let me start off by saying that I love you. I love the way you feel in my hands, the control I have over you and the magic that we can produce when working together. All that said, I need to leave you behind. When I’m close to home and not living out of a suitcase or a backpack you will always be at my side. But you’re heavy. And bulky. And expensive. And, if I’m going to be totally honest, I enjoy traveling a little less when you’re around. I hope that you understand.

Love, Jenn

So there it is. When it comes to being on the road, I’m breaking up with my DSLR. As you know, I’m a carryon girl, and while I’m crazy about it, this amazing instrument – along with the lenses – takes up half my bag. Not to mention the fact that it is my livelihood and if anything ever happened to it I would, essentially, be out of business. It was a big decision for me but, unless I’m traveling for my photography business, I will no longer be bringing my D800 on the road with me.


Enter Fujifilm X20, my new travel camera!


This little guy showed up last week and we’ve had a great time getting to know one another. I have so much more to learn about him but so far:

  • The feel. I like that, even though he’s a little guy, he feels solid in my hands. In short, I feel like I have something to hold on to. As a lover of manual cameras, I don’t quite know what to do with tiny little point and shoots. The X20 isn’t a pocket camera, it’s more substantial than that.
  • He’s classy. I love the throwback design of this camera, it reminds me of my old Canon AE-1. I feel cooler when I have him around my neck.
  • The colors. I’ve been so impressed with the color that’s produced by this camera. Bright, vibrant and truly stunning.
  • I maintain the control. My D800 is in manual mode about 99.9% of the time and I appreciate that the X20 has this option, too. Whenever someone asks me how they can improve their photography skills my first tip is to take your camera off of auto mode. Creativity comes in breaking the rules.
  • The sharp focus. This little 28-112 lens is F2-2.8, creating a nice, shallow depth of field when wanted. It reminds me a bit of the results I get with my D800 and prime 50mm lens.

On this first day of spring I took my new X20 out in my parents backyard for a little experimentation and fun.









DSCF0086IMG_3184Oh Fujifilm X20! Together we will see the world! We will climb mountains, explore cities and, once I get your underwater housing, dive deep into the ocean. I look forward to our exciting future! xoxo


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