Help me win $20,000 to fund my travels!

A selfie in a selfie! Please cast your vote and share with your friends!
A selfie in a selfie! Please cast your vote and share with your friends!

I’ve been listening to the Eric and Kathy morning radio show since I was in high school. Their familiar voices and running jokes used to wake me each morning and help get me ready for early bird (read: over achiever) science classes and swim practices. After graduating from college I worked at a marketing agency in downtown Chicago for a little over a year and they kept me company during my morning commute. Since then I’m probably the most loyal downloader of their hysterical podcast.

ekareaEven the most passionate travelers can get homesick from time to time and we all have our ways of dealing with that homesickness. Mine is, no joke, the Eric and Kathy podcast. It’s my tie to Chicago when I feel like I’m in another world: my daily laugh and regular dose of good old American humor from thousands of miles away. These two, along with Melissa, Whip, Swany and Cynthia have traveled the world with me. There have been times when, while listening to the podcast, I’ve laughed hysterically and caused a bit of a scene. Like that time I was on a bus in Colombia or at the airport in Dubai or walking down Ngong Road in Nairobi and everyone seemed to stop and stare at the tall, curly haired, crazy white girl and her tangled headphones. Thanks for those moments.

Here’s my selfie! Please vote for it, then vote again, then tell your friends!

So, it was only appropriate that I entered their #EK20GSelfie contest while out of the country, at a travel bloggers’ conference in Cancun, Mexico. My original plan was to take it while swimming with whale sharks but, due to the weather, my cruise was canceled. Second best was in front of a lime tree, in my Chicago Bears shirt, all smiles because I’d found a bar to watch the Bears beat the 49ers. Now I’m a finalist to win this content and the prize is $20,000. Yes. Let me spell that out for you: Twenty thousand US dollars.

What I need now are votes – and lots of them! There are 19 other finalists and we are all scrambling to get the most votes. I love that I have such an international readership on this blog and I think it would be really amazing if you lovely people, from all over the world, would please vote for me! There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of votes you can cast so keep clicking and please share the link and ask your own networks for help.

Oh the places I could go with $20,000! The photos I could take, the people I could meet, the stories I could write… It would, quite simply, be a dream come true.

Thank you!

xoxo jenn

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