Help me win $20,000 to fund my travels!

I’ve been listening to the Eric and Kathy morning radio show since I was in high school. Their familiar voices and running jokes used to wake me each morning and help get me ready for early bird (read: over achiever) science classes and swim practices. After graduating from college I worked at a marketing agency in downtown Chicago for a little over a year and … Continue reading Help me win $20,000 to fund my travels!

In an effort to extend Chicago summer

I returned to Chicago yesterday after 5 wonderful days in Mexico. It wasn’t all vacation, the reason for my travel was to attend the TBEX North America conference though, I admit, I clocked more than a few hours by the pool and at the beach. And, wouldn’t you know it, summer seems to have vanished from Chicago while I was away! This tends to happen in this city, … Continue reading In an effort to extend Chicago summer

Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago

Did you know that today, August 26, is National Dog Day? As a proud dog parent to my seven-year-old rescue mutt, Essie, I’m always looking for fun things for us to do together. We’re quite the team and life is just more fun (and eventful!) when she’s around. I find having a dog in the city is a great way to meet people, get outside and … Continue reading Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago

How to Hide from Wi-Fi in a Rice Paddy

I’m happy to introduce to Pip, a writer and photographer based in Tasmania, Australia. I’m sure most of you will be able to relate to Pip’s account of wi-fi obsession on the road and the importance of disconnecting to really see and understand where you are. Travel used to be a wonderful excuse to put up the out of office message and disappear from the internet but … Continue reading How to Hide from Wi-Fi in a Rice Paddy

Aboard Harbor View

My family has been visiting Charlevoix, Michigan for three generations. My mother’s parents fell in love with the town and surrounding area in the early 1950’s and my mom grew up spending every single summer in this Northern Michigan paradise. My parents’ mutual love of being on the water bred 5 kids who simply cannot get enough of it. 6 hours north of Chicago, I escape … Continue reading Aboard Harbor View

A Visit to Monserrate in Bogota

No trip to Bogota is complete without a trip to Monserrate. A homonym for Monserrat, “mountain” in Catalan, Monserrate is visible from all over the city of Bogota and from its peak one can gaze back down on Colombia’s capital. Monserrate can be climbed either on foot, in a funicular or via cable railway. The climb takes about 2 hours and by all accounts it’s … Continue reading A Visit to Monserrate in Bogota

Laundry Day

On Sunday mornings, the house is mine.  The Waraos, my Kenyan family, are at church and I’m left with a jerry can of water, two plastic basins, a sack of Omo and an empty clothesline.  In a country where the notion of personal space is as foreign as my freckled nose, I welcome this solitary weekly ritual.  I squat, and prepare my laundry. The morning … Continue reading Laundry Day