Blackhawks Celebrations

Originally posted on Jenn Winter:
A second Stanley Cup in only 4 years warrants a little photo-safari, don’t you think? No sooner had the game ended than my neighborhood (I live 2 blocks west of Wrigley field, a Chicago sports mecca, if you will) exploded in celebration. I grabbed my D300 and 35mm/1.8 prime lens and hit the street to capture a bit of the… Continue reading Blackhawks Celebrations

In an effort to extend Chicago summer

I returned to Chicago yesterday after 5 wonderful days in Mexico. It wasn’t all vacation, the reason for my travel was to attend the TBEX North America conference though, I admit, I clocked more than a few hours by the pool and at the beach. And, wouldn’t you know it, summer seems to have vanished from Chicago while I was away! This tends to happen in this city, … Continue reading In an effort to extend Chicago summer

Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago

Did you know that today, August 26, is National Dog Day? As a proud dog parent to my seven-year-old rescue mutt, Essie, I’m always looking for fun things for us to do together. We’re quite the team and life is just more fun (and eventful!) when she’s around. I find having a dog in the city is a great way to meet people, get outside and … Continue reading Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago

Aboard Harbor View

My family has been visiting Charlevoix, Michigan for three generations. My mother’s parents fell in love with the town and surrounding area in the early 1950’s and my mom grew up spending every single summer in this Northern Michigan paradise. My parents’ mutual love of being on the water bred 5 kids who simply cannot get enough of it. 6 hours north of Chicago, I escape … Continue reading Aboard Harbor View

Why I love the window seat

Window or aisle? I choose window. Sure, you have a little less room than your neighbor on the aisle and the need to use the restroom mid-flight suddenly becomes a big ordeal, requiring the entire row to vacate. But you get a headrest in the form of the wall of the plane. Oh, and the view. You get the view, too.         … Continue reading Why I love the window seat

Escaping the Polar Vortex

When I signed up to go to Grand Cayman with Underwater Safaris back in mid-November I thought that a couple of days away from winter in February would be nice. What I didn’t know is that it would be a full on escape from one of Chicago’s worst winters in recent (and, some might add, not so recent) history. When I left Chicago on Monday … Continue reading Escaping the Polar Vortex

Using Instagram on the Road

Social media has changed how many people travel in the past decade. Before leaving on a trip, we post to Facebook or Twitter, asking for suggestions. We make Pinterest boards that inspire our next destination. We troll internet booking site for good rates and take Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews as gospel when choosing a hotel or tour company. But what about once all of … Continue reading Using Instagram on the Road

Polar Vortex, Round 3

As midwesterners well know, the infamous Polar Vortex has hit again! This arctic blast has defined the month of January by setting record lows, closing schools and giving us thick-skinned Chicagoans a deep freeze. This evening I braved the cold at Tower Road Beach in Winnetka, the Chicago suburb where I grew up, to snap a couple of iPhone photos before my phone froze and … Continue reading Polar Vortex, Round 3