Why I love the window seat

Window or aisle? I choose window. Sure, you have a little less room than your neighbor on the aisle and the need to use the restroom mid-flight suddenly becomes a big ordeal, requiring the entire row to vacate. But you get a headrest in the form of the wall of the plane. Oh, and the view. You get the view, too.         … Continue reading Why I love the window seat

Using Instagram on the Road

Social media has changed how many people travel in the past decade. Before leaving on a trip, we post to Facebook or Twitter, asking for suggestions. We make Pinterest boards that inspire our next destination. We troll internet booking site for good rates and take Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews as gospel when choosing a hotel or tour company. But what about once all of … Continue reading Using Instagram on the Road

Sunset stroll through Begur

On my whirlwind 60 hours in Costa Brava last September I visited several little, charming Medieval towns in the region. Along with Norma, my guide and new friend, we zoomed all over Emporda, making the most out of very limited time. One of my favorite stops, the town of Begur, wasn’t even on my initial itinerary but, in my experience, those oftentimes end up being the … Continue reading Sunset stroll through Begur

No Need for Menus

I’m going to admit something here. I’m not a foodie. Let me say that again, make sure you understand. I’m NOT a foodie. In the travel writing and blogging world I feel like everyone is a self-proclaimed foodie and I might get my passport revoked for this blatant admission. But amateur foodies/critics/photographers can be found in all walks of life. All you have to do is … Continue reading No Need for Menus

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Currently, as I sit cuddled under a blanket on my couch with my dog, it’s -15°F (-26ºC) with a windchill of -39ºF (-39ºC.) You know it’s really cold when the Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same. This little cold patch has been dubbed “Chiberia” here in Chicago. So what’s keeping me warm today? A cup of tea, a fleece blanket and a cuddly pup. And … Continue reading Thinking Warm Thoughts

Top Travel Moments from 2013

December 31st always tends to be a day of reflection: another year come and gone, a chance to look back on the highlights, lowlights and an opportunity to look toward the new year. 2013 has been a good travel year for me. I’ve made a list of my top travel moments from 2013, in no particular order. 1. Driving solo around Arizona In May I … Continue reading Top Travel Moments from 2013

Top 10 Moments From My European DTour

It was so hard to whittle this list down to only 10 highlights! I could have easily created a Top 10 list for each destination, or even each day! 10. Visiting the Charles Dickens Museum in London. Not only is Charles Dickens one of my favorite authors but I got to visit his former London home with fellow DTourist, Jen Lowthrop from She Gets Around! Since … Continue reading Top 10 Moments From My European DTour


Irene, my good friend in Kenya, always says the same thing to new visitors to her country: “Whatever you thought about Kenya,” she advises, “forget it! Forget all of your expectations right now!” And it’s sage advice to anyone visiting or experiencing a new destination. When I travel, I try hard not to have expectations – to accept each new experience as it happens to … Continue reading #DTour

Fly Costa Brava

As we left the car park I wasn’t quite sure which country I was in. I suddenly found myself in a setting that was both familiar and comfortable, but not Spanish. I felt like I was back in Kenya. An open bar was surrounded by flowering trees and decked with dark, wooden tables, which were covered with Maasai tablecloths. The whole area was surrounded by … Continue reading Fly Costa Brava