Why haggle?

I’m so happy to, once again, introduce Aine! In her last guest post she talked about standing out as a mzungu in her Tanzanian community. Now she tackles the question of haggling. Do you barter at markets when you travel? I certainly do and, sometimes, I admit I almost make a sport out it. But why? Aine examines this question and breaks down the reason … Continue reading Why haggle?

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Currently, as I sit cuddled under a blanket on my couch with my dog, it’s -15°F (-26ºC) with a windchill of -39ºF (-39ºC.) You know it’s really cold when the Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same. This little cold patch has been dubbed “Chiberia” here in Chicago. So what’s keeping me warm today? A cup of tea, a fleece blanket and a cuddly pup. And … Continue reading Thinking Warm Thoughts

12 things I wish I’d known before climbing Kilimanjaro

Click any image to enlarge. It’s been nearly four years since I stood on the roof of Africa alongside two of my best friends. Kilimanjaro had been a dream ever since I first spotted it, the great wedding cake of a mountain, between parted clouds while on safari at Amboseli National Park. I have a distinct memory of sitting on the savannah in the pitch … Continue reading 12 things I wish I’d known before climbing Kilimanjaro

Confessions of a Place Dropper

Place Dropper? Guilty. I love the World Hum blog. The pieces speak to real, gritty, Therouxian travelers. Earlier I came across a brilliant and hysterical piece by Spud Hilton, discussing the “fine art” of place dropping. It’s like name dropping but instead of making yourself cool by association to a person, you subtly (or not so subtly) make yourself cool by association to far off places. For instance, … Continue reading Confessions of a Place Dropper

Not a spectacle

I am happy to introduce my readers to Aine – fellow mzungu and A Lady Away’s first guest writer! Aine is living and working in Tanzania and her piece, Not a Spectacle, discusses what it’s like to be an outsider within her new community. Anyone who has ever spent significant time in another area of the world will relate to Aine’s thoughtful and honest story. … Continue reading Not a spectacle