How to Hide from Wi-Fi in a Rice Paddy

I’m happy to introduce to Pip, a writer and photographer based in Tasmania, Australia. I’m sure most of you will be able to relate to Pip’s account of wi-fi obsession on the¬†road and the importance of disconnecting to really see and understand where you are.¬†Travel used to be a wonderful excuse to put up the out of office message and disappear from the internet but … Continue reading How to Hide from Wi-Fi in a Rice Paddy

Why haggle?

I’m so happy to, once again, introduce Aine! In her last guest post she talked about standing out as a mzungu in her Tanzanian community. Now she tackles the question of haggling. Do you barter at markets when you travel? I certainly do and, sometimes, I admit I almost make a sport out it. But why? Aine examines this question and breaks down the reason … Continue reading Why haggle?

Taking a break from it all

It takes a lot of courage to leave the security of a regular job that isn’t making you happy, but Julie did just that. Her decision to take a few months off from work was met with disbelief but that didn’t stop her from making this big move. Now, at the end of her “break,” Julie reflects on the past couple of months and what … Continue reading Taking a break from it all

Abbie Synan: January 2014’s A Lady Away

A new segment for this new year, I’m excited introduce my readers to Abbie Synan. I first met Abbie at TBEX in Toronto last spring and was happy to reunite with her at TBEX in Dublin in October. Abbie is an energetic, fun and always has a hilarious story up her sleeve. This globe trotting giggler recently returned from exploring Europe and is setting out … Continue reading Abbie Synan: January 2014’s A Lady Away

Not a spectacle

I am happy to introduce my readers to Aine – fellow mzungu and A Lady Away’s first guest writer! Aine is living and working in Tanzania and her piece, Not a Spectacle, discusses what it’s like to be an outsider within her new community. Anyone who has ever spent significant time in another area of the world will relate to Aine’s thoughtful and honest story. … Continue reading Not a spectacle