Essie and the GoPro

If you’re a fan of travel photography and video then I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how amazing those little GoPro cameras are. You can wear them on your head, your chest, the handlebars of your bike, even your surf board to capture action and adventure in amazing never before seen ways. My favorite feature of the GoPro is its time-lapse capabilities and I … Continue reading Essie and the GoPro

Product Review: GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T

Like most women, I always try and keep an eye out for affordable, quality and comfortable clothing. In addition to asking myself if it fits, I’ll ask myself if it will fit in my suitcase. When I try on an article of clothing at a store I try to picture myself bringing it along on a trip or adventure – oftentimes, if it doesn’t pass … Continue reading Product Review: GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T

For the Lady in a Pinch

If you’ve stood up in a wedding in the past couple of years you’ve no doubt seen a version of this Minimergency Kit stuffed full of 17 Essentials “for a gal’s tiny troubles.” The tiny pouch contains everything from a nail polish remover pad to a sewing kit to Advil to a set of earring backs – all housed in a tasteful and ladylike little container. … Continue reading For the Lady in a Pinch

Fly Costa Brava

As we left the car park I wasn’t quite sure which country I was in. I suddenly found myself in a setting that was both familiar and comfortable, but not Spanish. I felt like I was back in Kenya. An open bar was surrounded by flowering trees and decked with dark, wooden tables, which were covered with Maasai tablecloths. The whole area was surrounded by … Continue reading Fly Costa Brava

Smart and Ladylike ways to carry your passport

Most frequent international travelers have found a passport toting system that works for them, oftentimes through a little trial and error. Everyone has heard the dramatic story about the cousin’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s brother’s third grade teacher who somehow lost his passport and the agonizing tale of trips to the embassy, missed flights, temporary documents and the like. Stressing about your passport and other travel … Continue reading Smart and Ladylike ways to carry your passport

Mott 50 Sun Protective Clothing

When my siblings and I were little, our mother would slather us in sunscreen whenever we went outdoors. “You’ll thank me for this one day,” she would tell us as she rubbed on the SPF. Unlike my sisters, I was blessed with olive skin and didn’t experience my first sunburn until I was 13, spring breaking in Florida. My mom asked if I’d reapplied my … Continue reading Mott 50 Sun Protective Clothing