In an effort to extend Chicago summer

I returned to Chicago yesterday after 5 wonderful days in Mexico. It wasn’t all vacation, the reason for my travel was to attend the TBEX North America conference though, I admit, I clocked more than a few hours by the pool and at the beach. And, wouldn’t you know it, summer seems to have vanished from Chicago while I was away! This tends to happen in this city, … Continue reading In an effort to extend Chicago summer

Escaping the Polar Vortex

When I signed up to go to Grand Cayman with Underwater Safaris back in mid-November I thought that a couple of days away from winter in February would be nice. What I didn’t know is that it would be a full on escape from one of Chicago’s worst winters in recent (and, some might add, not so recent) history. When I left Chicago on Monday … Continue reading Escaping the Polar Vortex

The Houseboat Museum in Amsterdam

One can’t walk around the streets and over the countless bridges of Amsterdam without taking notice of the many boats tied to the canal walls. These are houseboats and are valuable real-estate in the city. About one third of Amsterdam’s 2,400 houseboats are moored within the 17th century canal system of downtown Amsterdam and regulations on the number allowed have made them valuable property. Living on … Continue reading The Houseboat Museum in Amsterdam

#tbt Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Amboseli National Park in Kenya was my first ever safari experience, back in November 2006. Weyn, a fellow volunteer, was planning a solo visit to Amboseli  before heading home and when I got a call over breakfast letting me know that the school where I was volunteering would be closed for the next three days he suggested I join him. I think I thought about … Continue reading #tbt Amboseli National Park, Kenya

A Visit to Carlingford Oyster Company

A soft sunset, a quiet breeze, a happy, wet dog nudging at my hand with his nose. My all too brief visit to Carlingford Oyster Company in Carlingford, Ireland was the perfect way to end a visit to the area. All day, I was looking forward to this final stop on our TBEX daylong press trip from Dublin and my only regret is that we … Continue reading A Visit to Carlingford Oyster Company

Top 10 Moments From My European DTour

It was so hard to whittle this list down to only 10 highlights! I could have easily created a Top 10 list for each destination, or even each day! 10. Visiting the Charles Dickens Museum in London. Not only is Charles Dickens one of my favorite authors but I got to visit his former London home with fellow DTourist, Jen Lowthrop from She Gets Around! Since … Continue reading Top 10 Moments From My European DTour

Balloons over Cappadocia

Only a few hours after I arrived in the area I was given a grand introduction to the unique landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey – from a hot air balloon! From aboard the 12 passenger yellow ballon I both fulfilled a childhood dream of flying in a balloon and was awed by sights before me. The sunrise was long and soft and I was amazed at … Continue reading Balloons over Cappadocia

A Visit to the Charles Dickens Museum

Known as perhaps the greatest author of the Victorian Age, Charles Dickens continues to be a household name. What high school graduate hasn’t read Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities or David Copperfield? And who has never seen one of the many versions of A Christmas Carol, ranging all the way from the staged version to the Muppets to the animated Disney version, … Continue reading A Visit to the Charles Dickens Museum

A Visit to the Jameson Distillery

The past couple of weeks have been incredible. The amount of experiences, activities and delicious meals I’ve partaken in doesn’t even seem possible! Still, even a DTourist needs a little time to herself so on my second day in Dublin I took a break from conferences and scheduled activities and headed out with one goal in mind: Irish Whiskey. As my friends at home well … Continue reading A Visit to the Jameson Distillery