Somewhere over Venezuela…

A bit of a follow up from my recently confessed love of the window seat. I’m in Colombia for the next few weeks and couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of this lovely sunset from my window seat. I flew United Airlines from Houston to Bogota, I believe this beauty revealed itself somewhere over Venezuela. Taken with my iPhone, no filter needed.     Continue reading Somewhere over Venezuela…

Why haggle?

I’m so happy to, once again, introduce Aine! In her last guest post she talked about standing out as a mzungu in her Tanzanian community. Now she tackles the question of haggling. Do you barter at markets when you travel? I certainly do and, sometimes, I admit I almost make a sport out it. But why? Aine examines this question and breaks down the reason … Continue reading Why haggle?

Why I love the window seat

Window or aisle? I choose window. Sure, you have a little less room than your neighbor on the aisle and the need to use the restroom mid-flight suddenly becomes a big ordeal, requiring the entire row to vacate. But you get a headrest in the form of the wall of the plane. Oh, and the view. You get the view, too.         … Continue reading Why I love the window seat

Escaping the Polar Vortex

When I signed up to go to Grand Cayman with Underwater Safaris back in mid-November I thought that a couple of days away from winter in February would be nice. What I didn’t know is that it would be a full on escape from one of Chicago’s worst winters in recent (and, some might add, not so recent) history. When I left Chicago on Monday … Continue reading Escaping the Polar Vortex

Taking a break from it all

It takes a lot of courage to leave the security of a regular job that isn’t making you happy, but Julie did just that. Her decision to take a few months off from work was met with disbelief but that didn’t stop her from making this big move. Now, at the end of her “break,” Julie reflects on the past couple of months and what … Continue reading Taking a break from it all

#tbt Paris: 4 single girls visit the city of love over Valentine’s Day

Copied from journal entires and emails sent after my first trip to Paris in February, 2003. I was 20 and studying in Rome for the semester. Bonjour! I have just returned from a wonderful French weekend!  Four of us single girls decided at the beginning of the semester that we would escape to Paris for Valentine’s Day, hoping to find love in the city of … Continue reading #tbt Paris: 4 single girls visit the city of love over Valentine’s Day

Using Instagram on the Road

Social media has changed how many people travel in the past decade. Before leaving on a trip, we post to Facebook or Twitter, asking for suggestions. We make Pinterest boards that inspire our next destination. We troll internet booking site for good rates and take Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews as gospel when choosing a hotel or tour company. But what about once all of … Continue reading Using Instagram on the Road

Sunset stroll through Begur

On my whirlwind 60 hours in Costa Brava last September I visited several little, charming Medieval towns in the region. Along with Norma, my guide and new friend, we zoomed all over Emporda, making the most out of very limited time. One of my favorite stops, the town of Begur, wasn’t even on my initial itinerary but, in my experience, those oftentimes end up being the … Continue reading Sunset stroll through Begur

Meet Loren, the DTourist to Australia!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Loren Klein, the next DTourist to cover a continent for DoubleTree by Hilton! Loren (along with his wife, Kristen) leave for Australia on Tuesday, January 21 and I cannot wait to follow along on their adventure. Loren is a gifted artist and designer and I know that his photos, videos and posts from Down Under are going to … Continue reading Meet Loren, the DTourist to Australia!

A Visit to Carlingford Oyster Company

A soft sunset, a quiet breeze, a happy, wet dog nudging at my hand with his nose. My all too brief visit to Carlingford Oyster Company in Carlingford, Ireland was the perfect way to end a visit to the area. All day, I was looking forward to this final stop on our TBEX daylong press trip from Dublin and my only regret is that we … Continue reading A Visit to Carlingford Oyster Company