Jowe Esguerra: April 2014’s Lady Away

Jowe has been traveling and exploring new lands for as long as she can remember. A native Filipino, her mother took a job in Nigeria shortly after Jowe was born, moving the entire family (Jowe, her parents and older sisters) to the North African nation. “The inquisitive traveler in me started during those years living in Africa,” Jowe recalls, “in the absence of my parents … Continue reading Jowe Esguerra: April 2014’s Lady Away

82 Hostel: A unique place to stay in Bogotá

The first thing one notices about 82 Hostel, a unique hostel located near Bogotá’s swanky and upscale Zona Rosa/Zona T, are the colorful potted plants that lead up to the door. As I stepped out of the car, weary from a day of international travel, the grand entrance put a smile on my face and made me feel like an important guest. This feeling was echoed … Continue reading 82 Hostel: A unique place to stay in Bogotá

Somewhere over Venezuela…

A bit of a follow up from my recently confessed love of the window seat. I’m in Colombia for the next few weeks and couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of this lovely sunset from my window seat. I flew United Airlines from Houston to Bogota, I believe this beauty revealed itself somewhere over Venezuela. Taken with my iPhone, no filter needed.     Continue reading Somewhere over Venezuela…

Why haggle?

I’m so happy to, once again, introduce Aine! In her last guest post she talked about standing out as a mzungu in her Tanzanian community. Now she tackles the question of haggling. Do you barter at markets when you travel? I certainly do and, sometimes, I admit I almost make a sport out it. But why? Aine examines this question and breaks down the reason … Continue reading Why haggle?

Product Review: GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T

Like most women, I always try and keep an eye out for affordable, quality and comfortable clothing. In addition to asking myself if it fits, I’ll ask myself if it will fit in my suitcase. When I try on an article of clothing at a store I try to picture myself bringing it along on a trip or adventure – oftentimes, if it doesn’t pass … Continue reading Product Review: GapFit Breathe long-sleeve T