19 Flights in October

October was a busy month. Between work trips and personal trips, I stepped foot in 10 US states and sat in 19 American Airlines window seats. Between the handful of delayed and canceled flights, I was able to witness some truly beautiful scenes from those tiny airplane windows. Below are my favorites of the month, to see more iPhone Window Seat photography, check out my Instagram. Flight … Continue reading 19 Flights in October

Somewhere over Venezuela…

A bit of a follow up from my recently confessed love of the window seat. I’m in Colombia for the next few weeks and couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of this lovely sunset from my window seat. I flew United Airlines from Houston to Bogota, I believe this beauty revealed itself somewhere over Venezuela. Taken with my iPhone, no filter needed.     Continue reading Somewhere over Venezuela…

Why I love the window seat

Window or aisle? I choose window. Sure, you have a little less room than your neighbor on the aisle and the need to use the restroom mid-flight suddenly becomes a big ordeal, requiring the entire row to vacate. But you get a headrest in the form of the wall of the plane. Oh, and the view. You get the view, too.         … Continue reading Why I love the window seat

Fly Costa Brava

As we left the car park I wasn’t quite sure which country I was in. I suddenly found myself in a setting that was both familiar and comfortable, but not Spanish. I felt like I was back in Kenya. An open bar was surrounded by flowering trees and decked with dark, wooden tables, which were covered with Maasai tablecloths. The whole area was surrounded by … Continue reading Fly Costa Brava