Essie and the GoPro

If you’re a fan of travel photography and video then I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how amazing those little GoPro cameras are. You can wear them on your head, your chest, the handlebars of your bike, even your surf board to capture action and adventure in amazing never before seen ways. My favorite feature of theĀ GoPro is its time-lapse capabilities and I … Continue reading Essie and the GoPro

Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago

Did you know that today, August 26, is NationalĀ Dog Day? As a proud dog parent to my seven-year-old rescue mutt, Essie, I’m always looking for fun things for us to do together. We’re quite the team and life is just more fun (and eventful!) when she’s around. I find having a dog in the city is a great way to meet people, get outside and … Continue reading Dog Friendly Adventures around Chicago